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It seems that many of my entering-the-3rd-trimester friends are feeling much like I am these days- UNCOMFORTABLE! I have been having this pain under my left boob that I thought was attributed to tight underwire bra but alas, new soft-cup-big-mama-boob-bra is providing no relief. I think the big mama boobs are the problem, not the bra. I will ask my OB about it next week as there is a numb spot just under the pain spot. Weird. I also find it increasingly hard to get up off the floor and to roll over in bed these days because I am so frickin huge. I just can't imagine what it be like come March. And how will I ever fit behind the steering wheel?! My left foot seems to have widened but not my right so by day's end I'm limping. My back is killing me. My boobs, as said previously, are indeed growing and my nipples are doing their best to keep up. However, my right nipple looks like it has smeared lipstick. The bottom of the areola has a brown smudge veering off to the left. Yeah, super sexy.

And I have to go back to work tomorrow.

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Happy New Year!

We are back home in Texas. Our flight home last night was thankfully nothing like our flight out there and we actually got in 25 minutes early. Our trip was nice but I sure spent way too much time on my butt eating crappy (but delicious!) food. It was so cold outside that we barely got in walking in and my back was aching by mid-week. It was lovely to spend so much time with Chris' family though and I actually liked Idaho Falls. We need to find a little town like that to move to but one without one of our mothers living in it.

Anyhow, since I missed my daily food posts, here's what a day in Idaho looked like:

7am banana with oatmeal and milk
9am one slice whole wheat toast with PB
(or we'd go out and I'd have eggs, hashbrowns and toast- sometimes bacon too)

noon usually a grilled chicken sandwich and fries (or perhaps a burger and shake)

a bunch of chex mix, cookies, and chocolate in the afternoon

7pm dinner of some sort of meat and potatoes, veggies, and a bunch of bread

and then some enormous servings of pie and ice cream or some other dessert

As I write this I realize it doesn't look like much but we really ate something like every 90 minutes for 7 days straight. I weighed myself when we got in last night and showed a 5 lb gain in one week. I'll wait a few days to weigh myself again to get a more realistic idea of what the damage is. I think the lack of activity is what's going to get me.

I am starting the new year off in my traditional way and going to a Nia class this afternoon. I think I have taken a Nia class every New Year's for about 7 years now (give or take one or two). It's such an awesome way to start the year- dancing!

I will write a year-in-review post later on today. I am so happy to be home!

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It's time for that weekly update. All is well is pregnant land. I always assumed it would take longer for chubbier girls to show but boy was I wrong. See, what happens is, once the uterus grows past the pubic bone, it pushes up that lower tummy fat making for one big belly. I am really curious where that fat will go as the uterus gets even bigger. Does it go on top of the baby belly, underneath it, or will it become divided into two enormous lovehandles? This mystery will keep you reading during the months to come I'm sure. As the weather cools, I am forced to shop for maternity pants. Target and Old Navy maternity was a joke. Nothing fit me right. Way too long in the legs, too tight in the thighs, and giving me the loveliest of plumber cracks. Good ole' Ross saved the day and I got some really cheap and cute pants to hopefully take me through the winter.

In other news, we are totally broke this month and we still have 2 weeks before we get paid. We sat down today and did our budget and luckily we do make more than we pay out in bills but not by very much. This is scary considering I'M PREGNANT. We will exclusively breastfeed this child until he or she starts kindergarten. The poor tot will never set foot in any new clothing stores and they can just forget about toys. oh lordy.

It's a perfectly dreary, wet day in Texas today. We were still in the 90's last week. I'm heading out to the grocery store for some rice and bean fixins. The perfect poor man's meal.