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Just have to get this down. I'm super worried about Elliott. He's been sick and/or off for almost 2 months now. First the double ear infection and then weeks of diarrhea and now this terrible cold. He's been in to his dr a few times and all they say is "probably a virus" and while I'm glad to not be prescribed antibiotics, I just want to make this little guy feel better!

And then there's me, super exhausted, bitter me who's feeling way overwhelmed and totally under-appreciated. I just want some fucking sleep and a damn thank you.

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Elliott has entered the "must nurse and/or be on you" stage. Oh and add on the "will not sleep until I poop" stage and you've got one tired, sitting on her ass all day mama. I exercised almost every day of my pregnancy and now I sit on this couch almost 24/7. I am determined to start walking today even if it means giving up valuable napping time. (which is highly unlikely since the baby apparently can tell when I'm about to fall asleep.)

And what's up with gassy babies?! Elliott seriously grunts like a sumo wrestler and throws his body into all sorts of crazy positions. Tooting doesn't seem to alleviate his discomfort either, he has to poop before he's happy. No signs of constipation and poop looks totally normal. Is this just his system getting used to the outside world or do I need to go on some crazy diet? He spends about 3 hrs each night trying to poop and will not fall into a deep sleep until he does. Oh and he'll gladly nap on me during that time, just stirring to let out a holler here and there, but if I give him to Chris, he cries big time. He's fussy/gassy during the day too but it doesn't bother me as much to have him on my lap (and therefore content) when I'm not trying to get back to sleep myself.

The upside? Seriously in love with this dude and overall am finding this 2nd baby thing pretty awesome.

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Milo's 1st week= awesome

Monday this week= awesome

Yesterday= telephone call at noon from teacher saying Milo did not want to eat snack or lunch and was crying most of morning. I picked up in fear of him getting sick but nope, he was faking it. Ate tons and jumped all over the house.

Today= telephone call at 1pm telling me Milo was doing much better, only crying 50% of time (and involved in circle time and various other "work") but still did not want to eat and only napped for 45 min. I opted to pick him up earlier than usual but we acted as if he spent his full day there.

He also didn't poop there today or yesterday.

My kid is an eater and a pooper so it's breaks my heart to know he's not eating or going to the bathroom! But! The teachers are incredible and I feel 100% confident with Milo in their care. It's just a really big thing to have your routines and school environment change when you're 2. Hopefully this adjustment will pass soon. Oh and he'll get back to a decent sleep schedule. please.

On the bright side, since day one of new school, Milo has been beyond happy and silly at home. His imagination is exploding and we spend our days sailing in the ocean or driving trucks to CA. He is currently obsessed with gardeners and all their tools. Tonight he put his vacuum in his backpack and played a good hour with this "leaf blower".

And two funny things he's brought home from Montessori so far. One, he demanded he had a placemat to eat upon, and two, tonight when I tried to help him finish getting his PJs on he said, "This is my work. You find own work!"

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At what age do kids get the "you sleep in on weekends" plan? And why is it so much harder to wake up at 5am on Saturday when you wake up at that time during the week? Ugh.


the baby woke up at 1am to nurse. this is not an uncommon occurrence. the staying up for 2 hours after the fact is. the baby is now sitting next to me on the couch blowing raspberries and squealing with delight. my alarm goes off in less than 2 hours and I have had less than 3 hours sleep at this point. lordy.

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it is possible to eat pizza for every meal. i did it today and might just do it tomorrow too.

i'm digging milo's new schedule of going to bed at 6pm.

i walked around target tonight for an hour- ALL BY MYSELF!

you know you are ruled by baby's new schedule when you can't remember the last time you drove at night.

time for bed. the problem with the 6pm bed time is the 6am wake-up time. sometimes 5am. or if he's feeling sly, 4am, but we don't take that around here.

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well, i'm on strict bedrest until further notice. 33 wks today. happy valentines day to me! i called in sick today because i was feeling awful. 2 hrs later i got the call from the nurse with the orders. i can only get up to use the bathroom. this is unreal. my ob is out until tomorrow. i have many questions still.

you all better post really exciting things in the weeks to come so that i may not go insane staying inside all this time. got that?

and jess, we've got to set up bedrest teleconferencing.